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Low Housing Inventory Rocks Las Vegas Real Estate

Las Vegas Real Estate has been rocked by low housing inventory. Find out why this happened and who caused it. Find out how long hint at least 3 more years and 2037. 1st time home buyers are being locked out

Greatest Sellers Market Ever – Sell Your Home In Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Real Estate Market has been a huge win for home owners. This is the greatest sellers market ever. List Your Home For 1%. Buyers are desperate to find a home.

Don’t Let Investors Lowball You

WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW, WILL HURT YOU. There has been a huge rise in private banks, hedge funds, and investors preying on innocent home owners. Their tactic is to bait you into a “cash offer” for your home, with the ability to close in “7 days”. Let’s diagnose why fundamentally this makes no sense for the […]

1% Flat Fee Listing

FULL SERVICE REAL ESTATE! SELL YOUR HOME IN LAS VEGAS FOR A 1% FLAT FEE! Full Service, Professional Negotiation, Lockbox, Front Yard Sign, Open House, Lux Photoshoot, and Featured on All Search Portals. YOUR NOT MISSING ANYTHING. OVER 3000 HOMES SOLD Many areas of Las Vegas have seen home values double. There is a record […]

Sell Las Vegas Home for Free / Buy New 702-458-3999 Steve Hawks Reviews

Steve Hawks to the Rescue! Homeowner needed a bigger home but didn’t have enough equity! Steve Hawks sold their house for FREE! $10,000 Above appraisal to a California Exodus Buyer. Then Steve got the builder to reduce the new home price by $20,000! and paid over $12,000 in buyers cost. Now this lovely family of […]

Steve Hawks Reviews / List For 1% / Sold For 1% / 30K Above Comps

List your Home for 1%! Steve Hawks Reviews List For 1% Sold For 1% 30K Above Comps! Another Client Steve Hawks sold 30k above comps Listed and sold for 1%.SELLER George was so shocked with the value he gave a bonus of 1% for total of 2%! Las Vegas Home Shortage! Prices Sky Rocket! Its […]


SELL YOUR HOME IN LAS VEGAS FOR RECORD VALUE! FULL SERVICE. MLS, ZILLOW, TRULIA, REDFIN OVER 3000 HOMES SOLD Many areas of Las Vegas have seen home values double. Take advantage of the bubble now before values drop again. Steve Hawks has sold over 3000 homes since 1998. We use technology to get 1000 times […]

Commission Rebate Program!

EASY AS 1.. 2.. 3.. Follow these steps to get up to $20,000 cash back Step 1 – REGISTER Fill out our easy registration form with my custom Home Stimulus link and we will give you a call confirming you are in the program! Step 2 – SEARCH Let us help you find your new home! […]

Short Sale And Get Cash Back

Short Sale & Get Cash Back!

A common question we have been getting recently has been: A friend said that I can short sale and get cash back. Is this possible and how do we do it? Are you interested in a short sale? Would it help to short sale your house AND get cash back in addition? There is a […]

Ask The Expert Steve Hawks – Review Journal Article

Read my full article published in the Las Vegas Review Journal: Dear Expert: “I’m looking to sell my home and have informally spoken to several agents on the phone. Every agent except for one said they charge a 6 percent commission fee and cannot go down from that. However, the other one actually wanted 7 percent. […]